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"Like many of our better contemporary singer-songwriters, Ms Russell achieves a nice balance between the introspective and the playful... Vickie Russell is an impressive performer and songwriter... Live or on record, she deserves to be heard by a larger audience. Until then, we in the Northeast can consider her our little secret." – Greg Callahan-Hyde Park Library

"I wish to express to you, again, how fortunate I felt to have been host to your performance last night at Winona Folk. What you have chosen to do in sharing your musical vision enriches all our lives in a subtle and profound way; which, I believe, in turn makes our society and this world a better place in which to live." – John, Winona Folk

Fan CD Quotes

"Joy, oh joy....another of Vickie Russell's melodious, heartrending, and often uplifting CD's has exploded on the scene once again. Yard sales, diner divas, the dating game — the ordinary stuff of life turns riotously funny in Ms. Russell's clever hands. Often with classical overtones, her eminently hummable melodies linger in the ear of one's memory day after day, long after the last note has played." – Judy

"I've been listening to your CD I purchased at the Panzer House Concert in Columbia, MD, and must tell you that I love the entire CD! The lyrics are exquisite; the songwriting and arranging is excellent, and each song is uniquely enticing. Thank you!" – Sharon Rodden

"You turned the tables on me Vickie! I am hypnotized by your beautiful voice, wonderful arrangements and heart-touching lyrics. Thanks for the CD! I'm wearing it out!" – Carl

"I'm simply overwhelmed. It's a magnificent and beautiful piece of art. I cried a bit through the first two songs. Your voice, your poetic words and the sublime pathos one hears through the songs is what music is really about." – Jim C.

      CD Reviews by Radio & Press

"Her latest release called "Next"TM is a brilliant testament that Vickie has flourished into a major force in music." – Fred Migliore, FM Odyssey

"...this is one of the best new albums that I have received in any genre in a long time!" – Scott Ericson, Music Sojourns

"Don't be fooled by the smiling, innocuous face on the cover; there's a wicked wit hiding beneath the pop country flavors and Adult Contemporary hooks on Next." – Brooke Curtis, Twang Town Reviewed

"I applaud Russell for reminding us that [Country] is not as vanilla as people think... Russell sways back and forth from old to new country, utilizing elements of both to create a sound that is neither too retro nor too pop... You will emerge from Next with a large smile on your face, either from laughing out loud or simply being touched." – Carson James, Chill Out Island

"New Paltz songbird Vickie Russell checks in with another impressive release, "Next." combines her accessible melodies and clever wordplay that has become her trademark... The heart of "Next" is her gorgeous voice, as she telegraphs knowing insights to modern life and love... All around musical comfort food, Russell scores big with this one." – David Malachowski, Kingston Daily Freeman